Oregon SAF

2018 PNW SAF Leadership Conference

The 2018 PNW Leadership Conference is canceled.

Scheduled for February 23 & 24, 2018, these dates are an unintended conflict with the Oregon Logging Conference and with an Intertribal Timber Council meeting. The OLC is a great long standing event with CFE and social opportunities and a family day. All are encouraged to attend if they can.

I regret the scheduling error and at this time see no realistic option but to cancel the leadership conference. I encourage you to use time and funds, if arranged for the leadership conference, to attend the WSSAF meeting in May and/or the OSAF annual meeting in April.

I will work with the individual state chapters to draw out ideas and needs for future leadership training and to develop interest in attending. The 2019 PNW Leadership Conference will be hosted by Oregon SAF and all are encouraged to attend that.


Paul Wagner

2018 WSSAF Chair