Oregon SAF

2019 Oregon SAF Annual Meeting: April 17-19

Forest Management: Emerging Challenges, New Solutions, and Telling Our Story

April 17-19, 2019

Best Western Premier, Boulder Falls Inn

505 Mullins Drive, Lebanon, OR 97355; 541-451-1000

The 2019 OSAF Annual Meeting is built around the progression of emerging challenges in today’s forestry profession, new and innovative solutions to those challenges, and how to tell that story as a profession and as professionals. Our future as a profession will be just like our past – we have to face the challenges and engage them head on. For 2019, we are adding that important step of getting out the message that we understand the new world and will lead the way with sustainable forest management to provide forests and forest products for our children and grandchildren.

Click here for the full OSAF 2019 annual meeting agenda and information.