Oregon SAF

NCASI to Host Forest Watersheds Science Symposium Sept. 23

Standards for aquatic resource stewardship of forested landscapes continue to be controversial.  Balancing stewardship needs and viable economic returns to the industry and the communities that depend on forest management is a challenge.  Paired watershed studies conducted under the auspices of the Watersheds Research Cooperative (WRC) are providing information that will help managers meet this challenge.


In spring 2013, a meeting in Corvallis, Oregon, presented technical results from WRC paired watershed studies when some of these studies were early in their development.  Now, two and half years later, it is time to share what has been learned.  This symposium will include research from the WRC and other efforts in the Pacific Northwest relevant to the forest management community.


In a one day session as part of NCASI’s West Coast Regional Meeting in Vancouver, Washington, sixteen speakers from across the region will provide new and updated information from their scientific investigations.  The first half of the day will focus on water quality (stream temperature, dissolved oxygen, sediment) and forest management relationships.  The afternoon session will examine how those relationships affect stream biota (invertebrates, amphibians, fish).  This symposium seeks to provide a better appreciation of what watershed science can contribute to finding balance in the stewardship and economic debate.


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