Oregon SAF

OSAF Trucker style hat

Oregon SAF is excited to announce that our new OSAF webstore is now live for the purchase of OSAF hats:   https://saforegon.aiacompanystore.com/index.jsf

We are doing a “pre-order” process until November 25th, and plan to ship out the pre-ordered hats in early December.  The cost of the hat is $17, but there is a shipping and handling charge for each order. 

We encourage members and chapters to group up orders. It is more economical to order in higher quantities because of the decrease per item of the shipping and handling charges (nothing new here!). For example, an individual hat order will be $28.45 each, whereas a combined order of 5 hats comes out to $21.29 each.

Summary of the process:

  • It is a pre-order sale until November 25th
  • Shipping expected week of December 9th
  • Shipping and handling costs can be reduced by grouping orders: Encourage grouping orders for at least 3 hats
  • There is a minimum order quantity we would like to hit; but the more orders the better the cost per item
  • Using as a test of demand and to see if we want to stand up a year-round store  (not designed to make money for OSAF this time