Oregon SAF

Umpqua Chapter SAF Engage with Students at Tenth Annual Umpqua Community College Explore Event

Five Umpqua Chapter SAF members engaged with students at the Tenth Annual Umpqua Community College Explore Event (Explore Engineering, Surveying, Forestry, Computing and Computer Science) about career opportunities and pathways in Forestry and Forest Engineering.   These foresters spoke with over 65 students, parents and educators about their personal experience becoming foresters, daily activities and the tools and technology that they use to get their jobs done.   Several students expressed interest in joining the society to learn more about the field of forestry or to give them a boost in their new career path.

According to The News-Review, UCC student Antonio Sanchez said he came to broaden his horizons and see what kinds of jobs are available in forestry.  He was interested in the Swanson Group’s exhibit.  “They’re environmentalists, and I am an environmentalist myself, so I could see that fit in my career,” Sanchez said.      

The chapter staffed one of 60 exhibit tables, 40 of which represented local businesses and organizations.  Clay Baumgartner, an engineering professor at UCC, was also quoted by the local paper, “It’s an opportunity for students to talk one-on-one with people working in these industries to see what they’ve done and what education might be required.  For people today to get family wage jobs, it takes some technical skills.”