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Update of www.forestry.org website completed

Have you been to our www.forestry.org website lately? Notice anything different? Last year, all four Northwest SAF partners invested in a website upgrade that allows users to share and edit documents, comment on website "happenings," and interact socially. In addition, forum groups can be created where committee members, event organizers, executive committees, and other SAF subgroups can have a digital space to work on projects regardless of their geographic separation. Also, you will notice the ability to chat using the box in the lower right corner of the screen.      

How do I use this technology?

As an active member in SAF, your participation on committees, in leadership positions, and with other activities changes over time. As you engage in new activities, your user profile will update to include you in forum groups pertinent to your position(s).     

If you are an SAF member leading an activity and need a digital forum for your event, please contact your region webmaster. That webmaster will build a forum group for your event, add users to the group (at your request), and provide support (if necessary).

If a forum group isn't the right technology for your group, custom webpages can be made for your activity. Again, your regional webmaster can provide you with the assistance in determining the best tool to achieve your goals.

Do I have to use this technology?

This website technology was deployed at the request of your regional leadership. You are not obligated to use it, although it may help you to achieve your goals.     

An example of how this technology could be utilized:

A policy chair could develop a forum group for revisions to a position statement. The old document could be posted and a conversation started. Each member of the group sees the comments posted by members (your username is affiliated with your comments). The group could craft a new position statement, have an open dialogue about the statement, and post updated documents, all behind locked doors and not visible to the public. Only forum members can view content.

How do I log-in?

Each user has a unique log-in username and password. Your username is "FirstName+LastName" as recorded in the SAF membership database. The password for all members is "change2016." For example: John Smith's username is JohnSmith and his password is change2016.

When JohnSmith logs-in on the website he can click on "My Account" in the upper right hand corner and then click "Edit" under his name. This menu allows JohnSmith to change his password to something more meaningful, and update his email address and other profile information. If John Smith were to forget his password, he can select "Log-in" and select the "Request new Password" tab on the screen. An automated process allows JohnSmith to manage his own password. 

If your first and last name is abbreviated or uses other script, match your SAF membership name, leave any symbols (period or apostrophe) and replace any spaces (between 2 first names or 2 last names) with an underscore. Here are some examples:

  • T.J. Smith = T.J.Smith
  • John St. Thomas = JohnSt._Thomas

Who do I contact if I have a problem or need assistance?