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Fire Impacts and Recovery in the Clackamas Forest Lowlands

Join us for a look at the impacts of the recent fires in the Clackamas forest lowlands. Learn about the challenges and options for forest landowners faced with fire damaged trees and post-fire forest management needs. Along with the other Labor Day fires of 2020, the human-caused Dowty Road Fire burned 1,500 acres of lowland forest, farm, and rural residential land around the confluence of Eagle Creek and the Clackamas River. This walk will feature two different locations - a riparian forest along Eagle Creek and an upland farm/forest.

We will meet at Bonnie Lure State park for a walk through riparian forest restoration project areas that burned with mixed severity. We'll see how different tree species are recovering from various levels of fire injury and learn about invasive weed management and riparian area management in the burned area. Clackamas River Basin Watershed Council riparian field specialist Ari Sindel will join us to share their experience with ongoing riparian forest restoration in the burn.

From Bonnie Lure, we'll take a 15-minute drive to visit family forest owners who have managed their land for over 50 years up on Springwater road. Walking across their land, we will learn about their experience with the fire and how they and their neighbors are managing fire recovery across a range of forest conditions. Their forest was a mix of younger stands they planted along with stand of older forest they had just bought from relatives, and the fire caught them from two different directions on different days. They had to salvage harvest the timber in order to recover some value and then were faced with repairing soil damaged by the logging. Their experience during this first growing season after the fire includes navigating the various disaster assistance programs, acquiring and planting new trees, managing invasive weeds, protecting seedlings from abundant deer, and hoping the trees survive summer heat and drought.

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Event date: 
Thursday, July 29, 2021 - 15:30 to 18:30