Oregon SAF

The Oregon Society of American Foresters Foundation

Providing educational opportunities for Oregon Students

Support the goals of the Foundation:  to foster forestry education opportunities for Oregon students and to enhance public knowledge about professional Forestry.  Now more than ever students need financial support to make it through college.  Tuition and fees at OSU for the 2017/2018 school year are about $10,300.  The Foundation has the goal of providing a scholarship to cover tuition and fees. See Recipients Here.
The OSAF Foundation was conceived by Merle Lowden, a prominent OSAF member , to promote forestry education.  The Foundation was established in 1985, since then the foundation has awarded over $180,000 in scholarships to 39 deserving OSU undergraduates.
The Foundation is administered by a Board of Trustees
At large position 1 - Norm Michaels - chair
At large position 2 - Kathryn Olsen
At large position 3 - Matt Depmeier
At large Position 4 - Robin Tucker
At large position 5 - Kendel Emmerson
Position 6 - Fran Cafferatta-Coe, Chair OSAF
Position 7 - Meghan Tuttle, Chair-elect OSAF
OSU Representative:  Randy Rosenberger
The Foundation plans to pursue fundraising opportunities, including a fall golf tournament.  The Foundation also recognizes sustained forestry professionalism by honoring SAF Fellows at a spring luncheon.
To donate to the OSAF Foundation, mail your check to Oregon Society of American Foresters Foundation, 4033 SW Canyon Road, Portland OR 97221. If you want additional information about the Foundation, contact Lori Rasor at 503-224-8046 or rasor@safnwo.org.

The OSAF Foundation was established in 1985. The major goal of the Foundation is to fund scholarship(s) for outstanding students in SAF-accredited programs at Oregon universities. For more information about the Foundation and how you can contribute, visit www.forestry.org     

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