Oregon SAF

OSAF Foundation Scholarship Recipients

The award covers tuition and fees based on amount donated to the Foundation. Below are the recipients starting in 1989-90. 


Year           Recipient Name                          Major

1989-90     Mary Egan                                   Forest Management

1991-92     Christine Page                             Forest Management

1992-93     Michael Cafferata                        Forest Management

1993-94     Matthew Drechsel                        Forest Engineering

1994-95     John Cowden                               Forest Management

1996-97     Callen Richert                              Forest Management

1997-98     Jennifer Nye                                Forest Management

1998-99     Brian Wilkinson                            Forest/Civil Engineering

1999-00     Ted Downs                                   Forest Management

2000-01     Samuel Hagglund                        Forest/Civil Engineering

2000-01     Darren Lemon                              Forest/Civil Engineering

2001-02     Chad Hurliman                             Forest Recreation Resources

2001-02     Gayle McGowan                          Forest Recreation Resources

2002-03     Matthew Brady                             Forest Engineering

2003-04     Joseph Berry                                Forest Management

2003-04     Taylor Fielder                               Forest Recreation Resources

2004-05     James Brickman                          Forest/Civil Engineering

2004-05     Alyssa Shanks                              Forest Management

2004-05     Deborah Banducci                       Forest Recreation Resources

2005-06     Christopher Bishop                      Forest Recreation Resources

2005-06     Amanda Hudgik                           Forest Recreation Resources

2006-07     Stefanie Larew                            Forest Management

2006-07     Judd Lehman                               Forest Management

2007-08     Mary McNair                                Forest/Civil Engineering

2007-08     Justin McMinds                            Forest Management

2007-08     Zachary Peterson                        Forest Management

2008-09     Alec Amacher                              Forest Management

2008-09     Larae Guillory                              Forest Management

2009-10     James Crawford                          Forest Engineering

2009-10     Mathew Hemshorn                      Forest Management

2010-11     Andrew Bartoldus                        Forest/Civil Engineering

2010-11     Michael Shettles                          Forest Management

2011-12     Joel Zeni                                      Forest Engineering

2011-12     Sara Lynch                                  Recreation Resource Management

2012-13     Todd Bertwell                              Forest Management

2013-14     Erik Neilson                                Forest Engineering

2014-15     Jessica Kesinger                        Forest Engineering

2015-16     Jessica Kesinger                        Forest Engineering

2016-17     Benjamin Post                            Forestry

2017-18     Savannah Stanton                     Renewable Materials